Some people think that "the river trip" was the inspiration for my love of the outdoors. My passion for nature came long before our family trip down the Colorado, but that trip did bring me closer to nature and stirred the adventurous side of me.

When my dad announced that he was taking us all on a trip down the Colorado River for my sister's 40th, the first image that came to mind was me falling out of the boat, hitting my head on a rock, and blood splurting everywhere. You might say I have an over active imagination. I just think I'm paranoid. For months I allowed this anxiety to take over my mind. Even up to the day of the trip I thought, "That's it. I'm gonna die. And it's not going to be pretty."

I didn't hear much of the safety lecture given right before we hopped onto the boat. My heart was beating so loud, I was sure the couple next to me could hear it. All I remember is being told to keep our life jackets on at all times we were on the boat and to drink enough liquids so that we would need to pee every hour. They didn't want us getting dehydrated. Then subject of snakes came up. Ugh - I hadn't even thought about that. I didn't hear anything else anybody had said after that. I just had visions of crouching down to pee and out of nowhere a rattlesnake coming to bite me in my most private of areas!! I wondered if I could sneak away without being noticed…. send me an email! travels with gidgie jillybeans