Monument Valley , Utah

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Monument Valley was pretty fun. I set up camp quickly since the clouds were threatening to dump rain. There were some Native American kids trying to sell authentic trinkets to the Germans accross the way and a couple of loose doggies checking out Gidget. She let them know that SHE was the alpha dog of our camp site and there'd be no question about it.

While I was cooking dinner I thought about how poor the Native Americans appeared and how it was all the white mans fault. Suddenly I felt extremely embarrassed to be there. I wanted to run up to them and apologize. Offer up my help in some way or give them all the cash I had. But then I thought that that would be offensive. I spent some time thinking of ways that I could make a difference in the future and not let history repeat itself.

The camp ground over looked the magnificent valley of rock formations and mittons. The sun was setting and casted a glowing orange tint on the monuments. It was a spiritual moment. Again I felt the serenity and the healing of the desert. The stresses of my life back home seemed so meaningless. All was calm within and the meaning of life was clear once again. I sat and watched the valley letting my thoughts flow until it was time to go to sleep.

Even though it rained all night I slept well. I had fantastic dreams full of spiritual figures and life direction. I had a pretty good sense of who I was and what I wanted out of life. The sun was out and the rain clouds had faded. Today we were going to take a 16 mile drive through Monument Valley.

I put the top down and took the windows out of my front doors. This was the first off road drive in my jeep® and I was very excited! The drive was awesome and a had a permanent smile on my face the whole time. Gidget on the other hand hated the drive - it was too bumpy for her. She wouldn't look at me for a long time. I finally made peace by seducing her with a few jerky treats. All was well and we were on our way to Mesa Verde.


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