Bryce National Park, Utah

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The drive to Bryce was a quick one. I did notice some dark clouds in the far distance and hoped that they weren't following me. They were. I drove through the campground which was dramatically different than Zion. There was more of a mountain feel with lots of trees and less red rock. I was really into the healing desert red at the time, so I decided I'd just drive through the park, take in the sites and head to Monument Valley that afternoon.

I stopped at a look out point at Bryce to take in the view. The dark clouds were closing in, so I just went over for a quick peak. I left Gidget in the jeep® to guard the stuff. She wasn't very happy about that!

The canyon was beautiful. I imagined it in the snow, and thought it must be pretty incredible to see the dark red rock contrast with bright white snow on the tips of the formations. It amazes me that water, snow, ice and wind create such spectacular rock formations. And what did this look like in the time of dina sours?

The drive to Monument Valley was pretty spectacular. I started to figure out that Utah was a pretty amazing state - scenery-wise. The landscape on the side of the road was awesome.

We raced the dark clouds behind us as we headed northeast. I was determined to keep my freedom and leave the top off the jeep®. What's a little rain??? It was a good thought until I started getting really wet... I gave in and pulled off the road to put the top up. I had entered the Native American reservation not long before I stopped. The roads were not as well kept and there weren't many people around. There was another frontage road that ran along side the road I was on. Just as I started putting up the top I noticed a group of 6 men in a beat up chevy truck driving on the side road headed towards me. There was no one else around. I of course panicked a bit inside. All of my mother's fears came rushing through my head. "What do you mean you are traveling ALONE in your car? What if you have car trouble and while waiting on the side of the road and someone comes and RAPES you?" ugh. As they approached I just concentrated on rushing through getting the top on while chanting "I will be safe. I will be safe. I will be safe." Just as they passed I got the last flap tucked in the metal of the jeep®, flashed them a smile, jumped in the car and headed safely to Monument Valley.

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